Method for Using DTH Drill Bits


 DTH drill bits are very crucial to the drilling rig, also it plays a important role of drilling work! Every drill rig operator should learn how to choose best quality drill bits,and how to  use them correctly!
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1.Before the hole in the lower hole of the drill, check whether the connection between the downhole impactor, the pipe drill, the casing and the casing shoe is firm, whether the eccentric bit is flexible or not, and whether the ventilation is smooth.
2. During the drilling process, attention should be paid to the follow-up condition of the casing and the powder discharge in the hole. For every 0.3 to 0.4 m of drilling, the blown hole should be strongly blown to keep the hole clean. When blowing holes, the lifting distance of the center drilling tool should be strictly controlled to achieve strong blown hole discharge, and it is forbidden to vigorously lift the center drilling tool during the drilling process.
3. When the drilling is over or the central drilling tool needs to be replaced, the hole should be cleaned first, the bottom residue should be blown out, then the rotation will stop, and the center drilling tool will be lifted slowly. The lifting force can just lift the center. The drill is suitable to raise the height so that the back of the eccentric drill bit contacts the front end of the casing shoe; then the drill is reversed at a low speed, and the center drill is slowly lifted up. When it is observed that the center drilling tool can be smoothly upgraded, it indicates that the eccentric drill bit has been folded, and the center drilling tool can be lifted in a conventional manner until all the center drilling tools are proposed. Care should be taken when reversing the drill to prevent the drill from tripping.
4.Sometimes there is too much residual slag at the bottom of the hole, and the eccentric bit is swung by the slag and the eccentric bit is caught. When it is still not effective after several trials, the compressor should be transported, the drill hole should be cleaned again, and the down-the-hole hammer should be worked for a short time, and then the center drill lifting operation should be resumed.
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