Using Drill Bits Key Points


Drill bits plays an important way in the drilling work, a good drill rig is needed, and using the drill bits correctly will help the drilling work with high-efficiency! So learn the key points of using drill bits is quite important!

Main Key Points of Using Drill Bits:

1.The drill bit should be packed in a special box to avoid vibration collision

2.When in use, the drill bit from the package should be loaded into the spring collet of the spindle or automatically replaced in the tool magazine of the drill bit. When you are done, put it back in the box.

3.To measure the diameter of the drill bit, use a non-contact measuring instrument such as a tool microscope to avoid the cutting edge being in contact with the mechanical measuring instrument and being bruised.

4.Some CNC drilling machines use a positioning ring. Some CNC drilling machines do not use a positioning ring, such as when using a fixed ring.

The depth positioning of the drill bit must be accurate. If the positioning ring is not used, the elongation of the drill bit should be adjusted to the same. The multi-spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point, so that the drilling depth of each spindle should be consistent. If the inconsistency is possible, the drill bit may be drilled to the countertop or the drilled circuit board may be scrapped.

5.Usually use a 40x stereo microscope to check the wear of the cutting edge of the drill bit

6.Always check the concentricity of the spindle and collet chuck and the clamping force of the collet chuck. Poor concentricity will result in broken drills and large apertures for small diameter drill bits. Poor clamping force will cause the actual speed to not match the set speed, and the chuck will slip between the chuck and the drill bit.


7.The clamping length of the fixed bit on the collet is 4 to 5 times than the diameter of the

drill stock,so can it can make tighten.

8.Always check the spindle presser foot. The presser foot contact surface should be horizontal and perpendicular to the main axis and should not be shaken to prevent broken and partial holes in the borehole.

9.The dust suction effect of the drilling machine is better, the dust suction wind can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and at the same time take away the dust to reduce the friction and generate high temperature.

10.The substrate stack includes upper and lower pads to be positioned and laid flat in a hole-and-groove positioning system on the workbench of the drill press. The use of adhesive tapes is required to prevent the drill bit from being drilled on the tape to cause the drill bit to adhere to the chips, resulting in difficulty in chip removal and broken drills.

11.Timely re-grinding of the drill bit increases the use of the drill bit and the number of regrinds, extends the life of the drill bit, and reduces production costs and costs.

12,When the wear diameter is reduced by 2% compared with the original, the drill bit is scrapped

13.When the drill is sharpened, the two main cutting edges of the twist drill should be sharpened as much as possible, so that the radial forces of the two main cutting edges cancel each other to prevent the drill lead and the aperture from expanding.

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